Persil Hf Blue Bag-6kg


Persil Hf Blue Bag-6kg

Persil Hf Blue Bag-6kg is a unique formula that contains water softening agents and dissolves up to 3 times more grime in hard water compared to standard powder detergents. It cleans clothes brilliantly, giving them the deep down clean you need for crisp, fresh laundry.

Persil Hf Blue Powder with active foam technology. Cleans clothes effectively and thoroughly. Helps remove stubborn stains and dirt from white and colored laundry. Persil Hf Blue Bag-6kg has a powerful formula which gives your clothes an intense stain removal

Persil HE Blue provides the kind of power you need to tackle every day dirt and stains. Its advanced technology removes tough stains in your whites and coloreds, keeping clothes looking cleaner for longer. It also helps protect your family’s health with our hypoallergenic formula. Persil HE Blue has been specially developed to work with all washing machines, so you can get the best results time after time.

We offer Persil Hf Blue Bag-6kg at an affordable price. We supply a wide range of city transportation services, including buses and trains. Persil Hf Blue Bag-6kg online. Persil’s revolutionary formula is tough on stains and gentle on your clothes. Improved care with the formula and a fresh fragrance, Hf Blue has been formulated to remove all types of stains, even dirt and ground-in stains, and get kids’ clothes cleaner than ever before.

Looking to give your clothes the best possible protection and care? With Persil® HE Turbo, you will get amazing performance in both standard and intensive washing.