Persil Lf Green Box-1.5kg


Persil Lf Green Box-1.5kg

Persil Lf Green Box is detergent that fights stains and protects your clothes against fading. It contains a unique combination of innovative stain fighters, to guard your coloured and white clothes against tough stains, such as those caused by grass and oil. Persil Lf Green Box is suitable for all types of fabrics

Persil Lf Green Box is a powerful care solution for your laundry, that guarantees: better cleaning performance and freshness of clothes; more protection from re-deposit; higher efficiency in stain removal and soil release.

Clean your clothes perfectly with Persil Lf Green Box. Different from a chemical detergent, it is a surfactant-based detergent that combines the cleaning power of surfactants with the grease-fighting power of built-in soaps. It penetrates deep into fabric fibers to remove grease and food soil deposits that ordinary detergents leave behind. A unique combination of multi-action cleaning agents give Persil Lf Green Box up to 5 times better grease fighting power than standard laundry detergents

Laundry product designed for use in washing machines, combined with Persil Liquid Detergent with Pure OXI CLEAN (or Pure OXI CLEAN 2 Persil Lf Edition).Product Features: Laundry detergent and laundry booster as well as stain remover and colour restorer.With Persil Liquid Detergent you can really see the dirt being washed away while also contributing to a better environment due to the new, innovative hydrophobic active ingredient Pure OXI CLEAN. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how fresh and sparkling your clothes are after washing!