HENNESSY 700ml, 1l


HENNESSY 700ml, 1l

Hennessey is a brand of cognac, vodka, and tequila produced by the Hennessey company, which was founded in 1765 by Irishman Richard Hennessy. It is currently owned by the French group Bacardi Limited. It is the world’s top-selling cognac with $3 billion in annual sales and 90% of the market share.

hennessy cognac is headquartered in Cognac, France, where it also produces its own brand of Cognac. It has several other facilities around the world including two in Ireland and one in Houston, Texas (USA). The company produces more than 70 million bottles of spirits annually and employs over 500 people worldwide

Hennessy VSOP is the company’s flagship product and is sold in over 150 countries worldwide as of 2015. It is available in both white (40% ABV) and yellow (45% ABV) labels, although the yellow label is most commonly seen outside Europe while the white label is more common in Europe. A number of other Hennessy products are also available including Fine de Champagne, which comes in both black and red labels, XO Grande Champagne Cognac, Extra Old Fine Champagne Cognac, Rare Blue Label Cognac, Extra Rare 1824 Cognac, Extra Rare VSOP Cognac