HENDRICKS 700ml, 1l


HENDRICKS 700ml, 1l

HENDRICKS Gin – A classic London Dry Gin with a clean citrus taste. Hendrick Gin is crafted in small batches and distilled in copper pot stills, which are traditionally used in the production of fine wines and spirits. HENDRICK Gin has a smooth and delicate juniper aroma, subtle hints of lemon and cucumber and a soft honey sweetness.

HENDRICKS Vodka is made from grain, distilled in copper stills using traditional methods. It has an elegant yet full-bodied flavour, with a hint of vanilla from our hand-picked botanicals. HENDRICKS Vodka comes from the same family as HENDRICK Gin, but instead of using juniper berries we use four other carefully selected botanicals: coriander seed, orris root, angelica root and liquorice root

Hendricks Gin is a dry English gin that is made with a unique blend of ten botanicals. The name ‘Hendricks’ comes from the botanical garden in London where the gin’s distinctive recipe was developed.

The hendricks lunar gin was founded in 1745 and has been producing gin continuously ever since. It’s located in the heart of London, just off Covent Garden, and is one of only two remaining distilleries within the M25 ring road.

In 2010, William Grant & Sons acquired the Old Tom Gin brand and all its stock from Charles Tanqueray & Co., which had gone into liquidation. This was then rebranded as Tanqueray No. Ten and sold across Europe as part of a strategy to expand the brand globally.